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Shocker Internet Drive In - Week 12: Massacre Double Feature

Hello and welcome back!

Well, after taking a couple months off to remodel the Snack Bar, put up some new speakers, and repaint the big screen, our little drive in is back open for the summer!

And - by popular demand - we are proud to bring you the that 1976 classic of low budget fun "Drive In Massacre"! In addition to a classic "Popeye" cartoon and the usual Snack Bar plugs, we are also presenting "Panic" another low budget wonder from the 1970's that takes the 1950's theme of a scientist who turns himself into a monster to a whole new tired level.

So grab your partner, popcorn, and soda pop - snuggle up and turn the speaker up and enjoy the show!

For more information, go here - or

Run time 191 minutes 23 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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